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Kujaza Seminars

What are the Kujaza Seminars?

The Kujaza Seminars are a series of inspirational and motivational presentations that are destined to move the participants to live life powerfully. The word Kujaza means to replenish or to fill. The topics have been carefully selected and crafted to touch the audience on the inside so that they can feel replenished to manifest their greatness on the outside. 

What is the intent of the seminars?

The Kujaza Seminars are intended to help people’s spirits get lifted so that they do profound things in their lives. The participants will have a moving experience that will encourage them to transform their lives in order to take action. They will be given the tools to tap into their inborn capacity to have more peace and wealth in their lives.

Kujaza Topics

How To Live With Power, Purpose, and Peace 

 People often ask the question, “What is the purpose for my life?” Dr. Kevin Washingtontakes the audience on an inspiring journey of self-discovery through utilizing profound ancient and modern methods for living life purposely with profound power and peace. Participants will learn proven practical ways to boldly manifest their greatness in every aspect of their lives. Dr. Washington provides the audience with the keys to unlocking the doorways that lead to unlimited peace, power, and prosperity.

Unmask Your Passions & Release Your Power

We all have been created to do profound things; however there are times when we experience challenges with accessing the greatness that is within us. The inspirational Dr. Kevin Washingtonprovides ways that one can impact the universe through identifying their profound gifts and innate passions.

Actualizing Your Potential to Be and BecomingPowerful

Dr. Kevin Washington contends that we have the capacity to accomplish great things; however mental conditioning often disallows us from actualizing our innate potential. Learn how to address some faulty beliefs and utilize past experiences to reveal the power to ascend beyond human expectations and live an extraordinary life.

 Self-Mastery: The Key to Realizing Your Vision

As we master our lower desires and operate more from our higher self, we will realize our greatness. When we have caught a vision of greatness, self-discipline is necessary to make the vision a reality.  This workshop provides participants with the tools to gain mastery over their lower self to manifest their vision of greatness.

 The 7 Ways to Procrastinate Later 

In order to have success in life we must take action. Success requires us to be able to manage time wisely while taking action towards manifesting greatness.  This workshop explores methods for organizing one’s minutes, hours, days and eternity and by so doing one will delay procrastination. Ultimately, one will be able to actualize their Divine potential to be great by knowing what action steps to take.

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