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Kujaza For Educational Settings


One’s life style can be greatly enhanced by their level of educational attainment.  The following topics are presented to assist those involved in academia with maximizing their effectiveness at bringing out the best in their students, faculty and administrators.

The Leadership Imperative:  Holistic Health for College Leaders

The Leadership Imperative:  Holistic Health for College Leaders

This session addresses the attributes of good leaders.  The health of Afrikan Americans has gained the increased attention of many health specialists throughout the world.  This session also addresses some of the mental, physical and spiritual health attributes of being a leader.

Enhancing Academic Performance of Ethnically and                   Culturally Diverse Students

There is increased concern about the academic “lag” that occurs between ethnically and culturally diverse students (i.e. Afrikan American and Latino/Hispanic) and European Americans and Asian Americans.  This presentation is designed to assist educators and students with stemming the tide of poor academic performance of ethnically and culturally diverse students by positively utilizing their cultural strengths and ethnic identity.

Black Greek-Lettered Organizations: Being Pledged or Being Transformed

When the current state of affairs for Greek-letter organizations within the Afrikan American community is examined,  alarming reports with regards to initiation abound.  All over the U.S., various college organizations are bringing the national headquarters of these Panhellenic Council Organizations into the courtroom to address lawsuits surrounding hazing issues. This presentation looks at the origins of Greek-letter organizations and at ways to reclaim the essence of what it meant to be an initiate of the ancient schools of Kemet (Egypt). Practical ways for applying the ancient methods to the contemporary pledging process are explored.

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