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As a Fulbright-Hays scholar Kevin (Mwata) researched the impact of socializing institutions on the healing or restructuring of post-apartheid South Africa (Azania). It was in South Afrika where he researched Ubuntu and how it can inform mental health service delivery to people of Afrikan ancestry and others. Not only does he work on healing the psycho-spiritual wounds that are present within people as a result of Cultural and Historical Trauma, he continues developing healing paradigms for persons of Afrikan ancestry who have been impacted by Persistent Enslavement Systemic Trauma (PEST). This work is critical to his advancing of Ubuntu Psychology/Psychotherapy. As the founder of Ubuntu Psychotherapy (Psychology) he advances a culturally sensitive modality for mental health counseling and Psychotherapy for Black men and boys as well as Black/Afrikan families. The healing powers of the drum for various addictions, behavioral issues in children as well as personal/marriage/family harmony, health and holism are being researched. Additionally, Kemetic Yoga for personal power, peace and prosperity are being explored and ways of facilitating the psycho-spiritual wellness of a people.



Dimensions of the Word (Nommo)

According to the Dogon people of West Afrika there is power in the spoken word.  For them the word Nommo means the power of the spoken word.  They suggest that the word has heat and moisture; the same substance that creates life therefore word creates life. This means one must be extremely responsible with “the word”. For Afrikan people throughout the world “the word” has held extreme power and thus the purveyor of “the word” was highly regarded. This is the foundation of Mwata Speaks.


There must be honor in the word like the Dogon suggest. 



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